Packetizer library

Packetizer is a class written in c++ to analyze data for a start and/or end condition. If both, start- and end-condition is met the data between start and end is returned via a callback function as raw bytes. It is useful for serial communication where data-packets have a distinct start and/or end pattern. Each of the ...

throw your phone – 2014


proposing a ritual for new years throw your smartphone to generate a random object. a 3d-printer turns the digital data into objects. it is like pouring lead, but very modern. interpret the resulting object to foresee your upcoming year. some results from the new years party in 2014:



sonification of rooms (SoR) is a series of projects to translate rooms into sound. starting point was a concert of vinyl terror and horror in 2013 imagining a record needle turning in the room, instead of having a rotating record. how would that sound? a first version was presented at the schmiede in hallein 2014. a ...

feed the idiots


It looks like economy is a gamble. A gamble in which those are winning who have enough already - the 'big players', multinational companies and coperations. 500 of them are ruling more than 52 percent of the gross world product. The stabilization of this uncommonly concentration of power inter alia dues to the fact, that the ...